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Friday, November 2, 2001
18:00 Pre-conference reception at the Athenaeum
Saturday, November 3, 2001
9:00 Opening remarks by Provost Koonin listen
9:20 Barton Zwiebach Closed strings and vacuum string field theory listen
10:05 Edward Witten Spacetime Reconstruction listen
10:50 Leonard Susskind Fat Strings, Thin Strings and Local Currents of the QCD String listen
11:35 Lunch at Avery House* view
13:30 Ashoke Sen Ghosts and vacuum string field theory listen
14:15 Augusto Sagnotti Lessons from open-string partition functions listen
15:00 Coffee break view
15:30 Pierre Ramond Prospecting on String Mountain listen
16:15 Hirosi Ooguri Strings in AdS_3 and the SL(2,R) WZW model listen
17:00 End of the first day's lectures
19:00 Banquet at the Athenaeum* listen
Sunday, November 4, 2001
9:00 Renata Kallosh String theory and inflation/acceleration of the universe listen
9:45 Jeff Harvey Localized tachyons and RG flow listen
10:30 Coffee Break view
11:00 David Gross Some thoughts on the past, present and future listen
11:45 Michael Green A string theory retrospective listen
12:30 Lunch at Avery House* view
14:30 Daniel Freedman AdS/CFT from a D3/D5-Brane System listen
15:15 Michael Douglas How many superstring compactifications are there? listen
16:00 Lars Brink A journey through time and superspace listen
16:45 End of the conference
* Conference banquet and lunches are for invited participants and speakers only
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